Mexico, 76th in the 2019 Economic Freedom of the World Index
Hong Kong and Singapore retain the top two positions. The Economic Freedom...

Hong Kong and Singapore retain the top two positions.

The Economic Freedom of the World: 2019 Annual Report has been realeased. And with it, the leading positioning that Hong Kong and Singapore retain at the top two positions remain. This while the United States sits at the 5th position, Japan at the 17th, Germany at the 20th, France the 50th, and a little up Mexico located at the 76th position.

The Economic Freedom of the World takes into consideration various aspects, some of these being possibility of personal choice, voluntary exchange, and open markets. This while considering different areas of evaluation, as is the presence of sound money, rule of law, and security of property rights, among others. The report is published jointly by the Cato Institute in partnership with the Fraser Institute in Canada and more than 70 think tanks or expert organizations around the world.

There is outgoing worry regarding the Legal System and Property Rights Mexico, where it stands the worst within the five reviewed areas. As can be seen above, no field stands outs except for the Regulatory costs of the sale of real property field, with a value of 7.64 out of 10. The rest have nothing to be optimistic for.

The report emphasizes the positive differences that the more economically freed nations have over non-free nations regarding indicators of well-beings. You can find the following among the relations:
  • In more economically free nations, the average income of the poorest population was two-thirds higher that the average income of to the poorest population in the least-free nations.
  • Far less population in more economically free nations experience extreme poverty than those in least-free nations.
  • Infant mortality is lower in more economically free nations than in least-free nations.

You can find the 2019 along past year reports by clicking here or by browsing the resources section where a link shall be added.

Mapping images taken from the Economic Freedom Ranking page.
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