Bonjour, je m'appelle Omar Gonzalez et je suis un étudiant enthousiaste et désireux d'apprendre.

Omar Gonzalez
Just another human being.

Website designer and developer.

French and English languages learner.

College student.

Why, hello and welcome

My name is Omar Gonzalez, author and administrator of this blog. I'm a college student on Bussiness Development at the Technological University of Tijuana, Mexico. Attempting to get my minor on Logistics while being an autonomous learner of the marketing aspect of businesses. As mentioned, I built this site with some useful tools as a base. I engaged myself into web developing and management from an early age, always interested into the communication usefulness of the Internet, as both a tool to share and receive world wide worth information. I'm a freelancer PHP developer and a member of the MyBB forum software community since 2010.

Site's Purpose

This website is not aimed to be a professional place, but rather a personal place to share information I consider useful to myself for anyone to review as well (my personal "off-facebook" wall if you wish), a realistic showcase or portfolio of the work I have made till now, this site itself included. Hopefully you will find useful information regarding language learning of English, French, and my native language Spanish.

As a MyBB community member and developer I had contributed back to the community creating a expensive portfolio of modifications for the platform, most of them either free of charge of publicly available for free. Most of these you can find in the MyBB Plugins page, which link is located within the menu at the top of the page.


  • Finder
  • Web assistant.
  • Digital content creator.

Learning Mission

Being a person on the process of obtaining an major degree and learning a third language, along trying to obtain fluency and vocabulary on the other two, I consider myself an enthusiastic learner and eager to learn. Some of the guidelines I follow during my learning process:

  • Put profit aside.
    Currency has no purpose of itself, don't make it your primary motivation.
  • Everything at its own peace.
    You won't learn anything by rushing yourself.
  • Everything has its value.
    Refrain yourself from learning only what you consider important.
  • Enjoy the process.
    Create an enjoyable learn environment; join your community.

And remember, we don't have all of the answers, therefor we should enjoy and engage into learning process.

Backbone of This Work

This site is made thanks to the MyBB forum software platform on the back, with heavy modifications (additions) to its core plugin system. I also used Semantic UI as a design framework on the front side.

MyBB Forum Software Semantic UI

Conference Records

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Find Me

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