The Psychology of Color on Marketing & Branding
The psychology of color sure is an interesting topic to learn about when tr...

The psychology of color sure is an interesting topic to learn about when trying to gasp how design affects your marketing strategies. And it is not just about web design we are talking about, but the choice of colors could affect the impact your product has over its target audience. From choosing the right color scheme for your product, from branding, the product itself (if edible, think about food products targeted to kids for example)  or the colors used in the website that promotes the products. And that could be a critical phase for your product or service. If your only marketing alternative is online marketing, you don't want your prospect target audience to flee as soon as they glance at your welcome page or keep scrolling down their facebook home after passing your add.

Over at Entrepreneur Gregory Ciotti writes about how our usage of color strategies can help us to create content that persuades people to act. Of course it is not going to be as magical as if you were manipulating your costumers, but you could get close to it. As Gregory Ciotti puts it, is is not about triggering a reaction into people's minds, but rather allowing their subconscious minds to identify what is important, making smart choses about elements colors and how to highlight them over their surroundings. After all, it is not like the same color evokes the same reactions, feelings, or thoughts on every single person. Instead, you focus on how these color patters blend together to trigger the desired reaction into people, from making an attractive product to buy, making it easy for customers to contact you, to bait them into reading an article without trying their sight.

You don't need to be a expertise on the field of design, you only need to know the basics to create your basic common sense on what works and what doesn't. There are multiple sites that try to extensively teach us about the subject and many more that gives us a subtle glance of it. Each of them may help you build your own understanding and strategies on color selection whenever you may need to.

Entrepreneur: The Psychology of Color

Updated: I share with you a related link to an interesting reading about color theory.

Uh, What are Interjections?
Interjection are words or sentences that express spontaneous feelings or re...

Interjection are words or sentences that express spontaneous feelings or reactions and they can be either part of another sentence of form stand-alone sentences by themselves. They are one of the major parts of speech, along verbs, nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, etc. Interjections don't need to be grammatically organized inside the sentence and represent Jakobson's emotive function of language, described as words or sentences that "add information about the speaker's internal state", thus its sole purpose is to convey the author's feeling at the moment and are more commonly used in fiction or artistic writing.

Another characteristic of such words or expressions is that they can be disposed of without altering the meaning of the sentence. Some examples:

Quote:Hurray! It is a snow day and school is canceled.
It is so exciting, my goodness, I just can’t believe it.
Joe was late to school and yikes, the teacher was mad.
Oh! I can’t believe how nice you look.
Oops, I dropped the milk and it spilled.

Interjections may be complete sentences by themselves. On these cases you can't directly dispose of them, instead you'll need to replace them completely, some examples include:


Though you can find multiple interjection lists all over the Internet, it may be hard to identify if some words are indeed being used as interjections and their meaning. This was specially the case for me with the word "why", which I use in my introductory title inside my "about me" page. To find out its meaning and usage I had to dig some research, from which I eventually figured out its usage as a way to express surprise. ¡Vaya!, ¿Quien lo hubiera pensado?

Lucky for us, we can find interjections in English as well as in both Spanish (interjecciones) and French (interjections):

Quote:Hein? (Huh?)
Ouf! (Phew!)
Bon! (Fine!)
Miséricorde! (C'mon!)
Chut! (Shss!)

Now, don't confuse interjections with muletillas, as they are called in Spanish. Though interjections can all be muletillas, not all muletillas apply necessarily as interjections.

That would be all then, uh-oh, see ya!

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Espace Francais: Les Interjections

The Difference Between Two-Factor Authentication and Two-Step Verification
Even if you know you should use two-factor authentication whenever possible...

Even if you know you should use two-factor authentication whenever possible, you may be aware that there is also "two-step" authentication. Over at Lifehacker, they explain the difference between both types of extra security methods.

Basically, two-step authentication (2SV / two-step verification) includes any service that make use of, for example, Google Authenticator or SMS codes as additional methods to access to an account. While, on the other side, two-factor authentication (2FA) is any service that requires at least two authentication mechanisms, and where two of those mechanisms fall under different categories with respect to: knowledge factors ("something you know"), possession factors ("something you have"), and inherence factors ("something you are"). Smart cards and USB keys with the FIDO technology would fall into the two-factor authentication mechanisms.

Lifechaker, GrahamCluley

Get preview of messages.
I like to trim long messages to show only a portion of it to the front end ...

I like to trim long messages to show only a portion of it to the front end user. I do this directly in my forum or as a feature while coding multiple plugins. Here I will explain to you how to do it directly within your theme.

After installing both plugins.
  1. Go to your FTP, inside your plugins directory, find and open the "phptpl_allowed_funcs.txt" file.

    Add after:

You should now be able to use any of the following within your templates to strip any message down.

You can use something like:

<?=ougc_getpreview($post['message'], 100)?>

<?=ougc_getpreview($post['message'], 50, false)?>

<?=ougc_getpreview($post['message'], 0, true, false)?>

I hope it is of some use for you.

Televisa Estudiando los Doramas
En una noticia algo sorpresiva, me ha llegado la curiosidad de que algunos ...

En una noticia algo sorpresiva, me ha llegado la curiosidad de que algunos productores de telenovelas mexicanas, por parte de la televisora mas popular del país, Televisa, en especifico Juan Osorio, ha estado haciendo algunos viajes para el estudio de los dramas coreanos a Corea del Sur. Los Doramas, como comúnmente y erróneamente se generalizan a los dramas televisivos de países asiáticos cuando en realidad es un termino especifico de los propios del país del sol naciente, Japón, han captado la atención de la televisora debido a su popularidad y, como no, al creciente derrumbe de originalidad literaria que los escritores mexicanos han venido sufriendo desde hace años tras explotación repetitiva de sus tramas.

Televisa ya cuenta con los derechos de varios "Doramas" en la actualidad, y posiblemente se haga de algunos mas con el tiempo. No se sabe si para adaptarlos e incorporarlos en su programación o si, como creo en mi opinión es mas probable, extraer ideas literarias de estas para incorporarlos en sus dramas repetitivos como lo ha empezado ha hacer en lo que parece el refrito nostálgico del año: "Sueño de amor".

Las telenovelas Mexicanas, especialmente las ofrecidas por Televisa, cuentan con un publico especifico que frecuentemente sabe la ignición, desarrollo, y desenlace de una historia solo con saber el titulo de la obra antes de su premier como si por la rosa de Guadalupe se tratase de un milagro. Y como si de un pueblo bajo la opresión dictatorial ya empiezan a mostrarse cansados de este contenido que antes desafiaba sus capacidades.

Y si, es que es muy sabido que la Televisión mexicana desde hace tiempo no pasa por su mejor momento. Se esta quedando sin contenido original después de años de esta explotación para entretener a un pueblo que mas que harto del mal contenido esta harto del contenido repetitivo. Pues esa es la cruda y cruel realidad: el pueblo quiere contenido nuevo para mantenerse alejado de la realidad que le rodea; el contenido actual ya no satisface, ya no rinde lo que se necesita para alejarnos de nuestra realidad. Como con el refresco, nuestros cuerpos han crecido inmunes a estos contenidos basura, por que no son mas que eso, basura para mantener nuestra atención ocupada.

No es sorpresa que se intente explotar un contenido de éxito como lo son los "Doramas" para intentar intensificar la efectividad de entretener al pueblo que no solo es ignorante, sino que también disfruta siendo ignorante, solo que se canse de serlo con el mismo contenido.

Fuente: ANMTV

Confirm plugin uninstallation
Many plugin developers tend to run their uninstallation routines without qu...

Many plugin developers tend to run their uninstallation routines without questioning. It may not big issue after all, I mean, the user is logged in so no security check are really necessary. But, how many of you (developers) tend to mistakenly uninstall a plugin? Probably not many, but I have come across that.. Now make the same question about regular administrators.

It is actually not hard to add a confirmation page at all, just around 20 lines of code right before our original code. A example is found below.

There it is, rather simple isn't? Removing the comments there is really few code being added to the plugin file.

Also note that this is part of the update to the Hello! plugin being added to the upcoming versions of MyBB.

I hope it is of some use for you.

MyBB 1.8 Beta 1 - Looking Forward to the Future
Surprisingly enough. Feels like years since I started using the MyBB forum...

Surprisingly enough.

Feels like years since I started using the MyBB forum software for my personal projects, and frankly, it has. Today marks a important point on MyBB history, with MyBB 1.8 Beta 1 released after a long two years of await. MyBB 1.8 has been under continuous and effortful work from the official team as well as from the community the past few months (and quite probably far beyond).

I have joined the support team over at the official community and the MyBB-es community past back on 2012. Have been a plug-in developer since pretty much the same year and just recently joined the development team of the MyBB software. My eager to keep contributin back to the project keeps growing.

Let it be as a software to use on personal projects (pretty much every freely share, I use it) or as a source of occasional income I do have great interest on MyBB as my forum of choice when it comes to a forum or CMS (yes, I do use it as a CMS) software. So yes, I'm looking forward to the future - which seems promising - of MyBB as my software of preference Smile.

Looking forward to the future of this site as well!

Current time: 19 Jul, 2024, 6:28 pm